Why “Rebelling Against Indifference”?

Why did I name this blog “Rebelling Against Indifference”? Because it is one of the maxims by which I try to live my life.

When I first heard the phrase “rebel against your own indifference” being tossed around about two years ago, it caught my attention. When www.relevantmagazine.com created a t-shirt with that phrase on the front, I immediately bought one.

I did some research to find out where it came from and found it originated (at least in recent memory) with Bono, the lead singer of U2 and a prophet for our generation, who uttered it during the 2001 Commencement address of Harvard University. Here is the relevant part of his speech:

Music was like an alarm clock for me as a teenager and still keeps me from falling asleep in the comfort of my freedom.

Rock music to me is rebel music. But rebelling against what? In the Fifties it was sexual mores and double standards. In the Sixties it was the Vietnam War and racial and social inequality. What are we rebelling against now?

If I am honest, I’m rebelling against my own indifference. I am rebelling against the idea that the world is the way the world is and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it. So I’m trying to do a damned thing.

So why did I name my blog “Rebelling Against Indifference”? Because I want to be someone who gives a damn. I want to live every day remembering I can change things, I don’t have to sit back and watch the world go by. I can help address social concerns, such as hunger and disease and lack of clean water. I can continue to grow in every area of my life; I don’t have to grow complacent. I don’t have to let my spiritual life become stagnant but can continue to seek the truth, can “hunger and thirst after righteousness”.

What about you? If you were asked to state the philosophies by which you live your life, what would you say?

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog, Rebelling Against Indifference.

Thanks for taking the time to read it. I hope you are given much to think about, are entertained, are educated, are challenged. I’ll write about all the things you’re not supposed to talk about, like religion and politics. Most of the posts will probably be about art (of all kinds), books, and theology, and how they affect and are applied to our everyday lives.

Join me as we strive to rebel against our indifference, both individually and collectively.

Quote of the week:

“In spite of these questions and issues [about the nature of art], I end up with the unshakable conviction that art truly exists, that a large portion of it is transcendently significant and that I need to partake of it regularly, to let it magnify and refine what I see minutely and coarsely and to challenge me to do everything as beautifully as I can.”
Dr. Harold Best – Unceasing Worship