Derek Webb, Muppets, a Kick Drum and the Holy Spirit

Quick, name the last time an artist sampled a clip from Sesame Street in their song? The answer: Derek Webb, in a newly released song from his upcoming album, “Stockholm Syndrome.” Here’s the Sesame Street clip:

Derek’s song is titled “The Sprit vs. the Kick Drum,” and is apparently built around a great quote from Rich Mullins about worship. In an interview about the Caedmon’s Call record In the Company of Angels, Cliff Young relates this story: “Rich used to talk about how people would come up to him after concerts and say, ‘Wow! The Holy Spirit really moved at that certain point in the song,'” Young remembers. “And Rich would respond by saying, ‘No actually, that’s where the kick drum and the bass came in.’ It’s easy to mistake energy and emotion for worship.”

I’ve had the song on repeat all morning and love it. You can download it for free from Confused? Kat at Bloggable Music Network explains how to find the clues to download the song from the hidden page.

Derek posted on his twitter account that he’s written a bunch of this record at Ugly Mugs Coffeeshop in East Nashville, one of the two best coffeeshops in town and one where I spend a lot of time. Several times I’ve seen Derek with his notebook in his lap and his headphones on, writing lyrics, so it’s fun to finally hear one of the songs.

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