Theology on Tap

Last Wednesday, I joined my friend Matthew Paul Turner for a quick one-day trip down to Atlanta for a speaking gig he had. After reading a couple excerpts from his book Churched, along with some new essays, for the Wednesday Fellowship dinner at St Mark United Methodist Church, we headed over to a nearby pub for their weekly Theology on Tap, a combination of two of my favorite things. A friend of mine who moved to Atlanta a couple years ago, Will, joined us at the pub, as did my sister who lives there, and we enjoyed a great couple of hours of conversation about life and theology. I especially enjoyed getting to know Mandy, a pastor at St. Mark, and her husband Matt, who is working on his PhD in Homiletics while serving as an Adjunct Professor of Preaching at Columbia Theological Seminary. Mandy blogs at Reverend Mama, writing about her kids, her sermons, and life. I’ve already enjoyed reading her recent posts, and have added it to my blog list over on the side.

If anyone knows of an event similar to Theology on Tap here in Nashville, I’d love to find out about it. Or if not, who’s up for starting one?

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  1. HEY! That’s ME! Hi Stephen – thanks for the shout-out via the interwebs! It was wonderful having all of you with us last week, and I hope that you’re able to get a group going near you. I think we’re going to be reading Matthew’s book for Round 3! You’re welcome to come and join us anytime, but it’s quite a commute home…

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