Music I’ve worked on – Casting Crowns

The new CD from Casting Crowns, The Alter and the Door, releases on August 28th and is produced by Mark Miller (Sayer Brown). The strings for this project were arranged by Bernie Herms. He sent me the MIDI files and mp3 mixes as he finished them, I compared the MIDI files to the audio files, translated and transcribed them for real strings, and created printed music for the session. We used a 20 piece string section for this session back in April, with Jim Gray conducting.

The first single from the record, East to West, was just distributed to radio and broke a record when it was added to the rotation of 78 stations its first week. It was also posted on their MySpace page where it was played 27,000 times in the first 3 days. It has now been up there for a little over two weeks and has close to 112,000 plays. The mix is pretty good – you can actually hear the strings. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Music I’ve worked on – Casting Crowns”

  1. Dude, that song is unbelievable. Not exactly my style and I’m not one for melodramatic phrases, but there seems to be something amazing sanctified about that song. Within 10 seconds of the beginning, right at the string swell, I had tears. They only continued from there with the reflection on sin because of Christ. It seems to me that there’s always a very fine line between the simple, beautiful truths of the gospel and meaningless cliche. The song is powerful to the former while avoiding the latter – in my mind, anyway.

    Thanks for sharing about the song, Stephen! Congrats for being a part of something that, I’m sure, is causing people to thank God for Christ!!! I pray now that you would behold more of Christ’s face! -andy

  2. Andy captured my thoughts on it pretty well. Found the song very moving, and I also tend to be cautious of “popular” or “cliched” music. But I don’t get that from this — I see people being able to be authentically touched by it.

    Very cool.

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