Work and writing

Sorry for the dearth of new posts here recently. I’ve been working 16-20 hour days more often than not for the last couple weeks, and it’s been hard trying to find time in there to sleep, much less blog. Just last week I did the music prep. for two songs for Faith Hill’s upcoming CD, one song for a special Alan Jackson project, two songs for Phil Vassar, and over the weekend I worked on three songs for Casting Crowns new CD. And I have two or three other big projects ongoing that take up a lot of time. I did order a new laptop today (the first I’ve bought since ’99), so that should aid in increasing the time I have to write.

2 thoughts on “Work and writing”

  1. Even though you’re young, I’m going to guess that your level of wisdom is such that you already know this — but I’ll say it anyway:

    Remember that there is a time and season for everything, and the time and season for being busy and working a lot will most certainly be balanced by a time and season when you’ll wish you had something to do.

    Glad to hear that work is going well and that you’re busy. 🙂

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