The necessity of naming yourself will fade…

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I’ve decided my work is to step into the Story with intentionality and live a life framed and filled with God-thoughts about reality – what Jesus has said life is really about. My goal is not to be a born-again Christian, a good Christian, a religious fanatic, a do-gooder, a spiritual person, a nice guy, an American evangelical, or a good Catholic. My hope is that others will name me as an honest-to-God student follower of Jesus, someone with a heart full of His brightness, following in the new way. It’s not wise to name yourself as a Christian unless you are actually embodying the way of Messiah Jesus. If you are embodying the way, it will be as obvious as Jesus was obvious. If it is obvious, the necessity of naming yourself will fade. Others will do it for you. Questions may arise, and if so, you answer them. If people want to know why you head in one direction and not another, tell them who you’re following.

If those who would critique my life choices don’t see in those choices the distinctive teachings and visible kingdom ways of Jesus – what He’s for and against – they will never name me as His follower. They’ll call me something else, and I don’t want to be called anything else. I want people to ask, “What’s the deal with him?”
Answer: “Him? Oh he’s with Jesus.”

Charlie Peacock
A New Way to Be Human –
A Provocative Look at What It Means to Follow Jesus

6 thoughts on “The necessity of naming yourself will fade…”

  1. Seth, I’m enjoying reading this book, for the most part. I’ve found that there are a couple pages that I really like, and then maybe a chapter where it’s hard to get through. I’m not sure what it is, but it does really drag at places. I’ve talked to a couple other people who have had the same experience.

    That said, I do recommend it. Tony Campolo’s endorsement reads: “Artists are the best theologians. They feel things that are true before theologians can jargonize them into obscurity. What Charlie Peacock has written in this book is a good example of theological truth stated in a way that only an artist can”

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