Plastic People

Shaun Groves made a comment recently on his blog mentioning that one of the reasons he has a blog is to ”promote not just ideas but my stuff in all forms: shows, music, books, action figures and bed sheets.”

So my question is: Shaun, will the Shaun Groves Action Figure sing “Praise and Worship” music? I’ve always wanted to listen to plastic people singing generic praise and worship songs.

Oh, wait a minute (looks over at radio)…

2 thoughts on “Plastic People”

  1. Are these the plastic people I see when Doc says something mildly amusing? You know the ones, eyes open and looking forward, I think the expression is a bit pious, but it has a plastic look in the depth of theirstares. Meanwhile, I am counting bald spots. My way of saying I miss the balcony!

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