Roger Ebert on God

Film critic Roger Ebert, who updates his journal at the Chicago Sun-Times website quite a bit more than I do my blog, and frequently with lengthy essays, has a new post up about how he believes in God. I can identify with many of the questions Ebert says he has asked, although I, more often than not, have not come to the same conclusion as he has. I do find myself nodding in agreement when I read, “Most of my neighborhood friends were Protestants who were not interested in theories about God, apart from the fact that of course he existed.” I enjoy the Dillard quote he gives when he writes, “I subscribe to Annie Dilliard, who says that in an unfamiliar area, she seeks out the church of the oldest established religion she can find, because it has the most experience in not being struck by lightning.” And I find myself largely in agreement with his statement, “I have no interest in megachurches with jocular millionaire pastors. I think what happens in them is socio-political, not spiritual.”

Here’s a link to the full essay.

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