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This week is the official blog tour for Matthew Paul Turner’s new book, Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess. I thought about posting another excerpt here, but all the passages I thought about seemed too personal, like posting them on my blog might require me to talk more about parts of my story that I haven’t gone into before here or that I’m still thinking through how it relates to where I am now. So instead, I’ll just point you back to my full review of the book, and to this excerpt I posted last week.

I do have one copy from the publisher to give away, so here’s how we’ll do it. In the comments, post a story about something you remember from church growing up, the kind of story you think might fit into Churched, and I’ll pick one to send a book to Sunday night, after I get back from the Andrew Peterson CD release show.

5 thoughts on “Win a copy of Churched”

  1. I remember keenly being present for many lessons in how not to exegete and how to insert our own pet projects into Scripture. One example was when a teacher seriously pointed to the camels that Abraham sent with his servant to get a wife for Isaac as examples of a bus ministry. Then he advocated the same. He made many other illusions to tracts, all proof-texted by some O.T. passage like “He that winneth souls is wise” from Solomon. Of course, I don’t think Solomon could imagine the silliness modern fundamentalists (and liberal evangelicals conversely) have espoused in the name of God.

  2. That’s a great story about the camels. I don’t think I heard that one.
    One of my favorite stories like that is when I worked for a Christian radio station, and every morning at 7:30 had to play Lester Roloff’s program. One day, his entire sermon was on the passage where Jesus casts the demons out of the man and commends them to go into the herd of pigs. The point of the whole message was that Jesus didn’t want Christians to eat meat.

  3. Not trying to win the book, I already have it! I just wanted to share that I am still amazed by some of the ‘theology’ that was taught in the name of God.
    We spent my teen years near Dallas, Tx, much more metropolitan than Middle Tenn. This was the 80’s and we would see several mixed race couples in the store, mall, even once in church. When one of my ‘white’ friends started falling for a friend of ours that was hispanic, we heard that sermon over and over and over again from 1 Cor where Paul says we are not to be unequally yoked. I never once heard this applied about our Christian walk, only to races!
    Thankfully, someone finally came to their senses and about 15 yrs ago, this couple was allowed to marry with her family and the church’s blessing!
    Little did I know when I married my ‘Christian’ husband 20 yrs ago that we were not on equal footing in the spiritual realm. We have gone through too many things to truly become one in the eyes of God and man. I do wish someone had relayed the right message….not that my dear hubs was not the one for me, but I may have delayed marrying him until we grew closer together in God.
    I will have to say though, that I am thankful for all that we have walked through. I may not have grown as close to God as I have through our struggles. We are raising two beautiful teenage girls that have struggled in their own way but I have seen God work too many times to think He will not be there for my children.

    Okay, I’m through sharing now!!!

  4. Pam, I just heard someone last week make a similar comment (about mixed race couples). Hopefully that interpretation will die out.

    S.D., it looks like you won. Congrats!

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