Why I Listen to Jazz

Last night, I went to F. Scott’s to hear pianist Pat Coil play with his quartet again. Here’s something I scribbled down while I was listening.

In jazz, my unspoken longings become known and are articulated in ways that words can not express. In between the blue notes from the saxophone and the passionate melodies and frenzied phrases coming from the piano, that which I don’t dare express for fear of being known and rejected is brought into the open. As the music washes over me and fades into my memories, it heals a million little things I didn’t even know were broken.

I listen to jazz for the sake of my soul.

New song from Sara Groves

Sara’s new album, Tell Me What You Know, will be released on November 6th, and was produced again by Brown Bannister, following their success on Add to the Beauty which Christianity Today named one of the best albums of 2005. Sara just released the first video from the new album for a song titled I Saw What I Saw. Continuing in the vein of the title song from Add to the Beauty, this is another stripped-down offering featuring piano and the incomparable John Catchings on cello again. Based on this song, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Sara is joining Andrew Peterson for his Christmas tour this year, so if you catch one (or more) of those shows, I’m sure you’ll hear some of these songs.

Check out Sara’s video here, featuring footage from a recent trip she took to Rwanda.