Steven Delopoulos and Judd and Maggie

Steven Delopoulos, lead singer of the band Burlap to Cashmere, played a great show tonight at Nashville’s Bluebird Café as part of a writers round. The last time I saw Steven play was back in February at a show that was supposed to be with Burlap, but after the rest of the band couldn’t make it to town Judd and Maggie and Matthew Perryman Jones were invited to join him. That meeting resulted in a mini-tour with Steven and Judd and Maggie, starting tomorrow night. (Matthew will also be joining them for at least one date.) If you get a chance to catch any of their shows, you won’t regret it. I’m looking forward to the last date on their tour here in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsley on June 11th.

Judd and Maggie just recorded an acoustic EP they’ll be selling before they finish their next studio album later this year, and Steven finished his new album last month and is working on getting things lined up for its release. He is offering his new EP, Work to Be Done, as a free download, and it includes a couple tracks from the upcoming project. Another new song, The Ruin of the Beast, is up on YouTube now accompanied by a cool video from the guys at Portland Studio. Check it out here.


  • Find out where they’re playing
  • Download Steven’s EP
  • Watch the video for The Ruin of the Beast
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    1. *in chanting protest voice*
      Need more updates
      Need more posts
      Need more updates
      Need more posts…

      (And don’t give us that line about working 27 hours a day either. We know you musical types don’t actually work.)

      I hope everything’s going well for you. I’m going to Rock Point this Sunday, so maybe I’ll see you while I’m up there.

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