Steven Delopoulos and Judd and Maggie

Steven Delopoulos, lead singer of the band Burlap to Cashmere, played a great show tonight at Nashville’s Bluebird Café as part of a writers round. The last time I saw Steven play was back in February at a show that was supposed to be with Burlap, but after the rest of the band couldn’t make it to town Judd and Maggie and Matthew Perryman Jones were invited to join him. That meeting resulted in a mini-tour with Steven and Judd and Maggie, starting tomorrow night. (Matthew will also be joining them for at least one date.) If you get a chance to catch any of their shows, you won’t regret it. I’m looking forward to the last date on their tour here in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsley on June 11th.

Judd and Maggie just recorded an acoustic EP they’ll be selling before they finish their next studio album later this year, and Steven finished his new album last month and is working on getting things lined up for its release. He is offering his new EP, Work to Be Done, as a free download, and it includes a couple tracks from the upcoming project. Another new song, The Ruin of the Beast, is up on YouTube now accompanied by a cool video from the guys at Portland Studio. Check it out here.


  • Find out where they’re playing
  • Download Steven’s EP
  • Watch the video for The Ruin of the Beast
  • On Wine and Judging Others

    Brant wrote a post last week cautioning against rushing into judgment of others. In spite of the good arguments to be made, the “deep, theologically profound arguments”, and the implications such a position has on how the rest of life is lived and viewed, Brant still says that “it’s not a sin to not drink wine”.

    “I think we have to avoid judging other people’s hearts. Rejecting wine, for some, is a legitimate freedom that they have, and they are welcome to that, provided, of course, it’s not borne of selfish, prideful, or legalistic motivations.

    Yes, I know, wine is a consistent symbol throughout scripture, of God’s peace, of Heaven itself, of God’s covenant with us. Yes, I know, the O.T. prophets intimately link the image of wine with the very Kingdom of God. I’m aware of this.

    Yes, scripture is quite clear and thorough-going about it: Wine is a gift, pregnant with wonderful meaning, linked with the very soil, a sign of the creation that was created Good, and will be fully restored in the great Feast.”

    My own “conversion experience” was prompted in part by reading the memoirs of composer JAC Redford, Welcome All Wonders: A Composer’s Journey. In one chapter, when recounting his conversion to Christianity from Mormonism, he wrote about a trip he took to Europe shortly after his conversion. He had just written orchestrations for one of the albums in Michael Card’s “Ancient Faith” trilogy, and he and his wife decided to spend some time traveling around Europe after the orchestra sessions in London. Coming from the strict rules of Mormonism prohibiting all alcohol and caffeine, he wrote about the freedom and joy he felt when enjoying God’s creation and His gift of life by having a cup of hot coffee with breakfast and a glass of wine over dinner.

    It’s funny the seemingly random moments that are integral to the journeys of each of us.

    Check out Brant’s full post here.

    Work and writing

    Sorry for the dearth of new posts here recently. I’ve been working 16-20 hour days more often than not for the last couple weeks, and it’s been hard trying to find time in there to sleep, much less blog. Just last week I did the music prep. for two songs for Faith Hill’s upcoming CD, one song for a special Alan Jackson project, two songs for Phil Vassar, and over the weekend I worked on three songs for Casting Crowns new CD. And I have two or three other big projects ongoing that take up a lot of time. I did order a new laptop today (the first I’ve bought since ’99), so that should aid in increasing the time I have to write.