Futureman’s Future

Futureman, best know as the incredibly talented drummer for Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, just sent out an update about some of the different projects he’s working on.

The Golden Key -This is a musical animation project that Futureman has been working on for two years with animator Charlie Case. “The Golden Key” is episode 3 of Charlie Case’s Star Chronicles series and is an imaginative visual and sonic journey created around Futureman’s music from his self produced CD called “the Seamless Script.”
Futureman has added to his original “Seamless Script” score with extra musical insights including experimental melodies derived from Pi, the Schuman resonance and the Periodic table of elements as tonal frequencies.
There is a second DVD disc that features extra animation, insights, and enlightening commentary from Futureman, Charlie Case, Dr. Wayne Kirby and Dr. Greg Olsen about the Golden Key and thoughts on music, mathematics, mythology, art, language, science, geometry, dreams, philosophy and numbers.
Futureman and animator Charlie Case present Star Chronicles 3 “the Golden key” — COMING SOON – SUMMER 2006

Also coming FALL 2006: Futureman presents “The Black Mozart”, a two part hour long double string quartet composed from Futureman’s newly created Royel Touch Keyboard/ piano that is dedicated to the revolutionary 17th century violin virtuoso and composer Chevalier de Saint Georges who was also known as the Black Mozart. For more information about Saint Georges visit lemozartnoir.com

For more information on Futureman and to hear samples of his solo music, visit:
myspace.com/futuremanmusic / futuremanmusic.com

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